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A blog dedicated to all the things that horrify you, that go bump in that night, and that are the cause of irrational childhood and adulthood fears.

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Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly [Wiimake]

*Also known as Fatal Frame 2 in America*


Here you go you little bastards. I’m gonna go play FFIII now.

This is not kawaii


Just so you know… Amazon.com is selling Fatal Frame 1 & 2 at $3.99 each for PSN.

Better grab it while it’s hot!



When you get carpal tunnel.

From Parasite Eve 2.



o hai ther

The monster design in both Parasite Eve games are still some of the best in gaming. It’s one of the many reason that you should play these games. They are both available on the Playstation Store as PSone classics that you can play on your PS3, PSP,or Vita.


Stranger from Parasite Eve 2.